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Dave Strider X Reader
A Snowy Night, Part 1
Your name was (F/N) (L/N). You were a fourteen year old human. You were friends with Jade Harley, Rose Lalonde, John Egbert and…
Dave Strider…
Ahhh, his very name just made you shiver inside. He was the absolute cutest boy you had ever seen. With his stoic face, and those cool-kid glasses, and that deep caramel, gliding over his tonsils.
You wanted him to be yours. In fact, you probably just wanted him. Period. You loved him with every fiber of being, every cell in your body.
You had been friends with him, John, Rose, and Jade for as long as you could remember.
Friends. Damn.
You did NOT want to be friends. You wanted to be so much more than that. But there was no way that you were going to tell him about your feelings anytime soon. And if there was any chance he liked you, it was absolutely invisible.  
Your Pesterchum dinged. Your heart leaped when you checked the message, seeing it was from him.  
TG: Hey, what’s up?
You paused. I supposed to wait? Five minutes? Ten minutes? Wait, but what if he gets offline? Or what if he gets offended. No wait...don’t wait? You debated back and forth in your head for what seemed like forever, until you replied, thinking that you had debated with yourself for a suitable amount of time to reply.
(Your Username): I’m just listening to music. Got any new tunes?
You checked the clock. It had been two minutes.
Awww, not again.
He loved to talk about music. It was one of the few things that he should his liking for. You always read and re-read this messages, just to hear his excitement in your head. You didn’t really understand them. However, you let him talk to you about music and remixes and software because you loved him.
But you weren’t going to tell him.
Nuh-uh!!!! No way, absolutely never!
In fact, the only people that knew about your love for Dave were the people on youtube. You had wrote a song about him and posted it, not even expecting to get that many views at all, to discover that it actually was quite popular. You had wrote more and uploaded more and now you had quite a fanbase.
And they were the only people who knew.
It was funny, you supposed, that random people who you didn’t know, knew the most about you. Or at least, knew the most about your love for Dave.
You were excited because it was going to be Christmas soon, only a week away. The five of you always planned to spend it together, and Dave suggested that he be host.
You were so, so excited.
You were going to spend a full three days in Dave Strider’s house with Dave Strider.
And you other friends of course, but hello, Dave Strider.
You guys always spent Christmas together, as well as other holidays. You had hosted a Christmas or two at your house as well, but this was exciting. You just couldn’t imagine Christmas without your friends.
Today was the day! It was finally three days before Christmas, and you were standing at the airport, waiting for your friends.
You walked on into the terminal, dragging your (F/C) suitcase behind you. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw Dave, with his ever present sunglasses, standing at the door.
Waiting for you.
You smiled at him and hugged him gently. He hugged you back as well. Your pulse raced at being in his arms, being surrounded by Dave. You were sorry when you had to let go.
“Where are the others?” You asked, practically skipping on the ground beneath your feet.
“They wanted to stay at home,” he said, in his usual stoic manner, gesturing to all the snow on the ground, “It’s kinda cold out, huh?” You both busted up laughing.
“Only a little,” you giggled, “Thanks for coming out to meet me though, even though it’s cold.”
“No problem. I wanted to see you anyways.”
You flushed, but quickly looked down and squashed the thought before you could get any hopes.
“ did the others get here?”
You guys had a conversation about random things, tacos and such as he drove you to his house.
“You’re here!” Jade called, hugging you the second you had walked through the door. Rose waved at you in her typical, calm demeanor, and John hugged you once Jade let go. “You got her!” John said cheerfully, “Hope the ride wasn’t too lonely without us three.” He winked at Dave.
You giggled. “What was that about?”, you asked, as Dave walked you up to the room where you would be staying. It was a relatively small room, but you would be by yourself. Luckily. You sighed in relief as soon as he had left. You would be able to sing while you were here. You felt almost like it was your job to write, to sing, so that people who felt the same way you did would have an outlet. They wouldn’t feel alone. You had been working on a new song for a while, and had brought the music with you. Now you only had to sing it…
You went downstairs to have dinner with your friends and Bro.
As you guys laughed and joked, you took a look at the Christmas tree in the corner of the room.
“Ooh, it’s so pretty!” You said happily, gazing at the beautiful glowy lights. You got up to look closer at it. You felt warm breath on your ear. “Yeah...beautiful, isn’t it?”
You turned your head back to see that Dave was about, I don’t know, TWO INCHES FROM YOUR FACE.
You gazed into his sunglasses, seeing the reflection of your own (E/C) eyes in the lenses.
Your pulse raced, feeling like a drum beat was in your throat. You were sure he could hear it.
But you couldn’t hear the beating of his own heart…or the blush he hid as he stepped back. “The lights seem prettier from close up,” he explained, as he thought to himself, lamely.
Your heart slowed down, but only slightly. “Yeah..” you said, hoping that your own blush would fade.
It didn’t.
The awkward moment diminished when the five of you went into Dave’s movie room and watched cheesy, *ahem* ironic, Christmas movies till about midnight. Then you all kinda...fell asleep.
Except for you.
You had a job to do.
You snuck up to the room you were staying and quickly taped a blanket over the door. You put your trusty laptop on the desk in the room, attatched the charger in it, clicked your microphone into place, plugged your headphones in, and logged into all of your accounts.
It was showtime.
Well, sort of. Really, it was just you editing the song, changing the music, and stuff like that. You never got the chance to sing that night.
However, you weren’t alone.
Someone was watching you through a crack in the door…
End of Part 1.
Hahaha, am I making this more than one part? Yes I am.
Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill don't know how to italisize things yet. ._.
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